Geometric Animal Head

Student Samples-


Geometric Animal Head. This design will need to be symmetrical like your Avatar. But instead of doing the whole head you are going to do just half of it. This means you will to do the following:

First you will need to open a new  that fits the 8 inch by 10 inch canvas. 

Next you will need to find an animal head “portrait” with a neck and an background (habitat or “pattern”) and place this image in layer 1 and lock it.

____     Next create a new layer by going to the layers panel and clicking on the new piece of paper. Layer 2 is where you will use the pen tool.

____    Use the pen tool to create geometric shapes on the second layer with a visible color stroke of 1 or thicker. Make sure each line and point was connected as a closed shape.

____    Your geometric design was created to represent the face of the animal (can include neck, background as previously noted) and you were able to group, create paths, and make the geometric design a live paint illustration.

____    You used the eyedropper tool (i) on the first layer to get colors (realistic color palette) and you applied those colors via the live paint bucket (k) to your geometric shapes to create a final Geometric Avatar.

____ You used a pattern or some type of habitat illustration in the background behind you animal                 head to finish your piece.

Examples of great Geometric Animal heads from past classes. Please note that they are floating heads which you are NOT allowed to have. 

Past student samples are below. These students were not required to have a neck or background but you are!